Nusrat Jahan celebrated Diwali with two special people. She has posted his pictures on her Instagram handle, which are becoming very viral.

Popular actress of Bengali films and TMC MP Nusrat Jahan has been in discussion about her personal life for the last several months. After separating from her husband, she has given birth to a son, whom she named Ishan. She is dating actor Yashdas Gupta for a long time. Now many pictures of the actress are going viral. His pictures are with his most special people.Nusrat's photo going viral

Nusrat Jahan celebrated Diwali fiercely this time. There were two special people with him at this celebration. He has posted his pictures on his Instagram handle, which are becoming very viral. These two special people are none other than Nusrat's son and his boyfriend Yashdas Gupta. Nusrat has posted two pictures, in which she is looking very beautiful. In a picture, she is seen sitting with Yashdas Gupta. In another picture, she is seen with her son.

Nusrat disappointed the fans

Nusrat Jahan has shared the picture of her son with the fans for the first time, but the fans were a little disappointed. The fans are not seeing the face of Nusrat's son in the picture. He picked up the child in his lap, due to which the picture of the child has come from behind. In such a situation, the fans could not see Nusrat's son from the front and were disappointed.

Nusrat's child's name was revealed

Let me tell you, on August 26, the house of Nusrat Jahan resonated. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Nusrat Jahan has now returned to work. Has started reaching the public as well. Let me tell you, Nusrat was also in a lot of discussion about the name of the child's father on the previous day. The details of the child's birth registration were revealed on the portal of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. In such a situation, the name of the child and the father of the child had come in the public domain. In the information revealed, the name of the child is written as Ishaan J Dasgupta. At the same time, the father's name is written as Debashish Dasgupta. Let us tell you, the official name of actor Yash Dasgupta is Debashish Dasgupta. It was clear from this that Yashdas Gupta is the father of Nusrat Jahan's child.