Porn star Mia Khalifa has bought liquor worth millions in Lebanon. However, the reason behind this is surprising. Mia Khalifa has shared a photo with Wine on Instagram. She also told her the price of that wine and told her why she bought such an expensive wine. She has written a long post with the photo.

She writes that my friends think I am crazy ordering a $3000 bottle of wine even though I rarely drink, but it is more than wine to me. It is a piece of history of the good times in Lebanon.

Before the Civil War, before the Beirut Blast, before the economic destruction, before the air raid, before the mass exodus, before the geopolitical and socioeconomic tension, before the goodbye, please send prayers and donations.

It was beautiful to taste the old white wine. It turned dark and sour just like the country where grapes grew. But the taste of the latter shocked me, it felt like butter and honey.

Lebanese want to love, eat, dance, and die in peace on the beautiful land and buried in the soil that grows these magical grapes. Lebanon is going through a serious economic crisis. Inflation has gone up a lot here.