After the incident of Akshay Kumar adverting pan masala and then apologizing to the fans, now KGF star actor Yash has turned down the offer of crores for a pan masala ad. After Ajay Devgan, Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar did a pan masala ad, due to which he was heavily trolled on social media. After this, Akshay Kumar apologized to the fans and talked about breaking this contract with the company.Yash turned down a deal worth crores
Meanwhile, the news of KGF-2 superstar Yash turning down an endorsement offer worth crores for the brand of pan masala and cardamom has come to the fore. The news has been confirmed by Exceed Entertainment, the agency that handles the endorsement deals for Yash. Arjun Banerjee, Talent and New Ventures Head, Axeed Entertainment, said in a press statement, "Pan masala and such products have a very harmful effect on the health of the people."What was the decision taken?
He said, 'The use of these things can put his life in danger. It was a very heroic and sensible call taken by Yash, he has turned down the deal which was too tempting for him personally. He has taken this decision completely keeping in mind his followers, fans and his interest in things.
Akshay Kumar was trolled badly
Arjun said, "Looking at his popularity across the country, we want his popularity to be harnessed to spread the right kind of message." He said that he wants to promote good things. Let us tell you that the public is trolling the superstar actors of Bollywood a lot for promoting things like public pan masala and gutkha. The recently released poster of 'Ram Setu' has also come under the target of trolls.