WWE stars entertain the fans of wrestling from all over the world. Always try to look happy on camera, but there are many wrestlers who have a big pain hidden behind their faces. One of them is Kayla Braxton. The star anchor of World Wrestling Entertainment has revealed that her mother was raped. She doesn't know who her father is.

A horrifying story was written on Twitter

  • Kayla tweeted, 'I am a product of rape. A strange stranger had raped my mother. We don't know who my father is. Mother chose me because it was her wish and not because of any rules and regulations. She further wrote – This should be our right too.

Mother was jailed

  • Kayla is an American sports anchor. Born on June 7, 1991, when this anchor was 9 years old, her mother was imprisoned. Thus she had to be brought up in an orphanage. Despite all the difficulties, she earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Belmont University.

Joined WWE in 2016

  • She joined WWE in 2016. Since then she anchors World Wrestling. Her ring name is also Kayla Braxton.

Jeete Hai Bindass Life

  • Kayla lives a bindaas life. The social media page is full of hot pictures. People are also fans of her anchoring.

The Twitter account was closed after the controversy

  • Kayla announced on March 4, 2021, that she was bisexual. She is often in the news due to her statements. Once, the Twitter account was also closed due to some controversy.