Madalsa Sharma became famous among the audience with the show 'Anupamaa'. She is seen playing the role of Anupama's sister Kavya in this show. She married Mithun Chakraborty's son Mahaakshay Chakraborty in the year 2018. She has not become a mother even after four years of marriage. Fans of the actress want to know about her family planning.

Be it an actress or a common woman, after marriage, she is asked questions related to family planning. Madalsa was also asked about her pregnancy and family planning in an interview. The actress told why she has not decided to become a mother yet. Madalsa told that she is not yet ready to fulfill the responsibility of her mother.

Madalsa Sharma said in a conversation with ETimes that her fellow actors also keep questioning her about her pregnancy. “There are no family planning plans for me and Mimoh as of now,” she says. They are not thinking of expanding the family right now.

Madalsa is not ready to become a mother
Madalsa understands the importance of this stage of life. She knows that she will have to fulfill the responsibility of her mother in the future. She talks about being mentally prepared for this. She says, ‘One has to prepare oneself mentally to fulfill this responsibility of life.’

Madalsa praises Mimoh
Her and Mimoh are not yet ready to take on the responsibility of parents. Madalsa says, “We are not ready yet. When it is ready, we will also plan it. Right now I am only taking care of myself and my family. Let us tell you that Madalsa has also worked in Bengali films. She told that Mimoh is an honest and caring husband.