Vicky Kaushal is celebrating the success of the recently released film 'Sardar Udham'. The film was screened on October 14 and was attended by Kiara Advani, Siddharth Malhotra and some other celebrities. But Katrina Kaif caught everyone's attention. Fans were delighted to see Katrina supporting her alleged boyfriend Vicky Kaushal at the screening.

Several photos of the two actors also came out during the screening, but they did not appear together in any of them. This disappointed the fans of both the stars. A video has surfaced a few days after the screening of the film. As a result, fans of the rumored couple have become very happy. Vicky and Katrina are seen hugging each other in the viral video. His romantic video is currently circulating on social media.

Many fans are expressing their love for the couple by going to the comments section of the video and sharing heart emojis. Many fans have described it as the best day of the couple's life. This time the actress was wearing a sweatshirt with a denim skirt. Both were wearing leather boots. Vicky was seen in a white jacket. The film, directed by Shujit Sarkar, was released on October 15, 2021. Katrina was one of the people who praised Vicky for giving her opinion on the film. Katrina shared a post on Instagram praising the movie and Vicky.

Katrina wrote in the post, ‘What a reward for Shujit Sarkar, such an interesting beautiful film, beautiful story. Vicky Skills is a Pure Talent. ' She has also advised people to watch movies. Vicky took note of her compliment and shared Katrina’s post and thanked her. Vicky and Katrina have not yet officially announced that they are dating. There were rumors that he had a sugar crash, but Vicky said it was all a rumor.