Krushna Abhishek's wife and actress Kashmira Shah seems to have a deep connection with controversies. Maybe that's why she gets entangled with someone or the other every day. Her feud with Bollywood actor Govinda's wife Sunita Ahuja is not over yet that now she has created a new controversy by taking a jibe at Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik.

Kashmira Shah thanked the makers of 'Bigg Boss 15' and wrote – Just watched last night's episode and this season is better than the last season. Team You have done a wonderful job casting interesting people. These people are interested in playing games and not doing yoga and eating apples. From yoga and apples, she was referring to Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik.

Now in such a situation, where was Rubina Dilaik also going to remain silent? She immediately replied to Kashmira and wrote- 'Love and strength to you from my side. At the same time, Abhinav Shukla also wrote in his style-, 'To all those who are struggling to tweet something, and who are smart enough to achieve another breathless inning in Bigg Boss. I will send them 10 kg apples and if you don't get another chance then yoga will help you.'

The matter did not stop there. Kashmera Shah, replying to Rubina Dilaik, wrote – Thank you, but I avoid Fake Love and Fake Strength. You should too.' In such a situation, the fans of Rubina and Abhinav also took a jibe at Kashmira and wrote – You went last season too. Why didn't you make it interesting? You were kicked out in the first week itself. Meaning the public found those people better than you. How boring were you man?