The adventures of Sony TV's popular show The Kapil Sharma are in full swing. On Saturday, Bollywood's dashing hero Abhishek Bachchan and glamorous actress Chitrangada Singh had come as guests on the show. Both of them had become the guests of the show for the promotion of the film 'Bob Biswas', during which everyone had a lot of fun, seeing which the audience was also forced to laugh holding their stomach, but during the show, there was such a moment, which saw in the hearts of the people. The respect for Abhishek Bachchan increased further and for this reason, people are praising Abhishek and the Bachchan family fiercely on social media.

'Hey, take some care, see mommy is sitting'
Actually, during the show, when Kapil Sharma is flirting with Chitrangada Singh, Abhishek Bachchan starts scolding him, to which Chitrangada Singh says, 'Hey, take care, see mom is sitting' and so on. Saying that she points towards Kapil's mother who was sitting in the audience gallery.

Abhishek touches Kapil's mother's feet
To which Abhishek immediately says hey Kapil, should have told earlier, where is the mother? Then he himself gets up from his seat and says I myself go to him. After this, Abhishek gets down from the stage and goes to Kapil's mother and touches her feet, on which Kapil's mother is happy and blesses him a lot.

People said- 'That's why the Bachchan family is different'
Abhishek's love and respect for Kapil's mother were liked by everyone and for this reason, people are praising Abhishek and his family fiercely on social media. Some users have even written that that is why the Bachchan family is different. This humility and love of Abhishek show that he comes from a family where values ​​​​and love are given importance. So some wrote, Abhishek, you have won hearts.

Abhishek gained weight for 'Bob Biswas'
It is known that Abhishek is very much discussed these days about the look of 'Bob Biswas', because of his increased weight, for which he has worked very hard. The film 'Bob Biswas' is based on a character from the film 'Kahaani' which came in the year 2012. The lead roles in the film are played by Abhishek and Chitrangada. The film is directed by Diya Annapurna Ghosh. The film will premiere on December 3 on Zee5. There is a tremendous craze among the people regarding the film, Abhishek's look has also been praised by his father and megastar Amitabh Bachchan, so the craze of people towards this film has increased even more.