There is big news for the viewers of Kantara that now the popular song Varaharupam of the film will not be seen in the OTT version of the film. The movie Kantara has done very good business at the box office. There was a lot of controversy regarding the song Varaharoopam from the film Kantara. It was claimed in the High Court that the song was copied and legal action was sought against the makers of Kantara. Now the original makers of the song have given a new update on Facebook on Thursday.

Prime Video has removed Kantara's song from the OTT platform
Thakkudam Bridge reported that Prime Video has removed Kantara's song from the OTT platform. Kantara film is released on OTT on Wednesday. While sharing the pictures of the song, Thaikkudam Bridge has also expressed gratitude to many people. He has written, 'Amazon Prime has removed the stolen version of the song Navarasam Varaharupam from Kantara. We express our gratitude to our lawyer Satish Murthy and the people for their support. We express our gratitude to the people associated with the music field. Apart from this, we also express our gratitude to the fans and the media for supporting us in the fight for our rights.

Thakkudam Bridge claimed that the song Varaharupam is a copy of his song Navarasam
Before this, Thakkudum Bridge had claimed in the High Court in October that the song Varaharupam was a copy of his song. On Instagram, he accused the makers of Kantara. He wrote in a post on Instagram, 'We want to inform our listeners that we are not associated with Kantara in any way. There is a lot of similarity between our Navarasam and Varaharupam, copyright rules have been violated here. At the same time, it is further said, 'There is a difference between inspiration and copy. Due to this, we are going to take legal action on this.