The Delhi Assembly's Peace and Harmony Committee headed by Aam Aadmi Party leader Raghav Chadha has summoned actress Kangana Ranaut, asking her to appear before the committee on December 6 at noon. This summons was issued for the remarks made by Kangana on the Sikh society.

As soon as this news came to the fore, Kangana has put Arvind Kejriwal's party in the dock through an Instagram post. Kangana has asked whether Kejriwal's party is telling all Sikhs to be Khalistani.

What is written in the post
This post on the Intrepid Saffron page has been shared by Kangana. In which Kangana's post, in which 'Khalistani Terrorist' has been highlighted. The second is a news agency post, in which the words 'Remarks on Sikh' are in high light. After this, a line is written below, in which it is asked whether Kejriwal's AAP is telling all Sikhs to be Khalistani.

Cases are constantly being registered against Kangana
Unhappy with the return of agricultural laws, Kangana had used the word Khalistani terrorist in a post. Due to which the Sikh community of Delhi and Mumbai got angry that Kangana has insulted the Sikh community by calling the farmers Khalistani. After this, an FIR has been registered against Kangana at Khar and Bhoiwada police stations.

Kangana gave a bold reply
On Tuesday, the Sikh community had lodged an FIR at Khar Police Station in Mumbai. After this, Kangana shared a bold photo on social media. In which she is seen wearing a high slit skirt holding a glass of wine in one hand. Kangana wrote with this photo- “Another day, another FIR… Just in case they come to arrest me, I am in this mood at home.