Netflix Kaleidoscope Web Series Best Order This heist series on Netflix is at the center of discussion worldwide due to the specialty of its screenplay. By the way, it is a thriller series that is divided into 9 episodes. The series is streamed.

An interesting mini-series has been released on Netflix called Kaleidoscope. Although it is a heist series, its discussion is more about the screenplay than the story, which is divided into 9 episodes in such a way that the difference between the opposite and straight has been erased, that is, to understand the story of this series, episodes have been given. It is not necessary to watch in order.

The incidents have been threaded in such a way that there will be no problem in understanding the story from anywhere. Due to this quality of the series, it is at the center of discussion worldwide, while its release has been more than a week. On social media, OTT viewers are writing their preferences regarding the order of the episodes.

Each episode is named after the colors of the rainbow

Usually, when a series is released, numbers are used along with the title to keep the episodes in order. For example, if we look at the division of episodes of Netflix's very popular series Wednesday, it is written like this-

Episode 1: 1. Wednesday's Child is Full of Love

Episode 2: 2. Woe Is the Loneliest Number

Episode 3: 3. Friend of Woe

At the same time, no episode or sequence has been given to any episode of Kaleidoscope, rather each episode has been named based on colors. The episodes are named Black, Yellow, Green, Violet, Blue, Orange, Red, Pink, and White. White is the climax episode. When the series was released on January 1, Netflix informed the audience about it. The platform also asked the viewers which episode they were watching first.

Many viewers have also shared their experiences on Netflix's account that who started with which episode. Some viewers claimed that the order of the episodes is not the same for all people, that is, some people are seeing Blue on the first number and some are seeing Black. However, this claim could not be confirmed. Now the question is, if the story of the series is not dependent on the order of the episodes, then what is the correct order?

What is the correct chronological order?

The story of Kaleidoscope is shown in chronological order. If the chronology of the events shown in the episode is understood, then the correct order of the episodes can be found. White is the episode climax. That's why it would be better to see it only later, otherwise, there is a fear of opening the suspense. The entire story is divided over 20 years. Therefore, it is important to look at the chronology of events.

The events in Violet take place 24 years ago. Events from 7 years ago in Green, 6 weeks ago in Yellow, 3 weeks ago in Orange, and 5 days ago in Blue are shown. White then shows the present. Events are shown after one day in red and after 6 months in pink.

By the way, to enjoy the series in different ways, it can be seen in a different order. As soon as this order changes, the attitude toward watching the series can also change. It may be that starting from a particular episode, this suspense is felt, then starting from another, this series gives the impression of mystery. Starting with any other episode, it might seem like a detective story.

What is the story and star cast?

At the heart of the story is Leo Papp, a master thief who seeks to pull off a heist worth seven billion dollars, but deceit and greed stand in the way. The series is created by Erica Garcia. The main cast of the series includes Giancarlo Esposito, Rufus Sewell, Paige Vega, and Rosalyn Elbe.

Took a jibe at Amitabh Bachchan's tweet

Netflix did a funny tweet on Monday, retweeting a tweet by Amitabh Bachchan. In this tweet, Amitabh Bachchan termed it as a serious mistake while giving information about the sequence of many of his tweets getting spoiled. He wrote- From 4514 all my T numbers have gone wrong. Only one is correct. Everything else is wrong. Along with this, Bachchan also gave wrong and correct sequences and also apologized for this mistake. Retweeting this, Netflix wrote – Kaleidoscope taught us that order doesn't matter. Amitabh Bachchan, we still love your tweets.

You can watch the trailer of the series below-