Akshay Kumar is going to play the role of war hero Major General Ian Cardozo in the biopic 'Gorkha', who showed indomitable courage in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. Because of this, his name is recorded in history. Through this film, an attempt is being made to honor Major General Ian Cardozo for his contribution. There has been a lot of excitement about the film on social media. The first look of the film has been released, in which Akshay Kumar is seen in the look of Gorkha Jawan. The look of the actor is being discussed everywhere. A former Gorkha officer has pointed out a major flaw in the first look.

Thanking Akshay Kumar, the former Gorkha officer tweeted, 'Dear Akshay Kumar Ji, being a former Gorkha officer, I thank you for making this film. Details matter, so show off the khukri properly. The sharp part should be on the other side. This is not a sword. The khukri strikes from the inside of the blade. A sample photo of Khukri. Thanks.'

The life of Major General Ian Cardozo will be shown through the film 'Gorkha'. He was an officer of the Gorkha Regiment (5th Gorkha Rifles) of the Indian Army. Apart from the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, he also played a special role in the wars of 1962 and 1965. The responsibility of directing this film rests on the shoulders of Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan.

Akshay noticed the former officer and thanked him and tweeted, 'Dear Major Jolly, thank you very much for telling this. We will take full care while making the film. I feel very proud and honored to make the film 'Gorkha'. Any suggestions are welcome to make the film close to reality.