Hollywood pop singer Justin Bieber has undergone facial paralysis. He has shared this information through video on social media. Justin said he has contracted a viral disease called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which has paralyzed half his face.

In the video, Justin shows off his face, saying that the movement of one part of his face has almost stopped. I can't blink an eye. He can't even smile from that part of his face. Even the nostrils of that part of the face are not working. Half of his face is paralyzed.

Justin has canceled his Toronto and Washington shows because of this. He is advised to rest completely. As well as taking therapy. He is also doing facial exercises. Hopefully, he will be able to do his own live show again with a double whammy. That said, I have this time to do my treatment and complete relaxation. After this I will come back with enough energy. You will pray to God for me to get well soon and go back to live stage.

Justin Bieber's networth is not in millions but in billions. Its total assets are 3 billion, 2 crore, 07 lakh, 4 thousand rupees. He earns 3 million dollars every month, i.e. 18 crores, 2 lakhs, 4 thousand rupees