Garlic Benefits In Winters: There are many such things that are considered as the superfood of winter. Eating these things in winter brings energy to the body and also protects against cold. In this season, problems like low immunity, flu, cold, cold, etc. are quite common. In such a situation, eating garlic bud this season can prove to be very beneficial for you. Let us know at what time garlic should be eaten in winter and its benefits.

Benefits of eating raw garlic in winter
Eating garlic increases immunity. Protects against infection and flu.
Cholesterol remains low by eating garlic. In addition, the heart also remains healthy.
Consuming garlic in winter provides relief from joint pain, stiffness.

If you are a patient of high blood pressure, then consume garlic. This lowers BP.
Blood circulation is good by consuming garlic.

At what time to consume garlic
Garlic should be eaten empty stomach in the morning. Cook it a little in ghee before eating it. This is because the effect of garlic is hot. And she won't harm you. It is more beneficial to eat it in the morning.