Many such films are made in Bollywood, which are based on subjects about which people hesitate to even speak. Films made on such subjects are often considered taboo in society, and even talking about them at home or in a public place becomes uncomfortable.

Apart from entertaining, films also educate people about certain subjects that society does not allow. Films have an amazing ability to bring change. These subjects were once considered secret topics or were not even talked about, but now they are being shown extensively in films.

From sex education, rights of third communities or films made on superstition, they try their best to make people aware from time to time. In 2023, we will have seen films that talk about these taboo topics, which have been liked by the audience to a great extent. Today, let us list such films giving social messages, which not only touch our hearts but have also played an important role in preventing the spread of superstitions and evils in society.

Every year, such films are often released in cinema houses, on which there is a lot of uproar, someone's sensitivities are hurt, and sometimes a political issue is made. This is often discussed even in Parliament. For example, recently Ranbir Kapoor and RajyaSabha member RanjitRanjan spoke on the topic ' Negative impact of cinema on youth', which remained much discussed. However, it is a different matter how much the film earned or its popularity. Similarly, these Bollywood films of this year have broken the myths of the people, and remain in the news a lot.

Thank you for coming

Directed by Karan Boolani, 'Thank You for Coming' stars BhumiPednekar, Shehnaaz Gill, KushaKapila and others. The film not only presents such modern-day issues boldly, but also encourages people to live life on their terms.

The film particularly highlights taboo subjects, making every effort to explore women's sexuality and personal fulfilment. There was a lot of discussion among the people about the film being based on such a subject, while on the other hand, the film was also appreciated.


The sequel to OMG, the film starring Akshay Kumar, PankajTripathi and YamiGautam is a satire-filled comedy-drama that fearlessly tackles the sensitive subject of sex education and presents it as cinema.

The film highlights the importance of including sex education in the school syllabus, emphasizing that understanding one's body and sexual desires is vital for overall well-being.


Starring stellar performances from Nawazuddin Siddiqui, BhumiPednekar, Sumeet Vyas and Sharib Hashmi, the film is inspired by a real-life incident that happened in the country. The film, directed by Sudhir Mishra, is going viral on the internet these days, It is based on the consequences of a fake video.

The story revolves around two strangers, played by BhumiPednekar and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who get stuck in a serious situation when an advertising man tries to save a political heir from her husband's hired goons. Does. The film brilliantly addresses the societal threat of violent incidents arising from misinformation.

8 AM Metro

Raj Rachakonda's film, '8 AM Metro' takes us on a journey through the emotional and mental difficulties of human life. GulshanDevaiah and SaiyamiKher acted in this film. It is a story about two strangers who navigate their personal and life experiences as they grow closer. Apart from this, the film presents trauma bonding.

Image credit: Freepik/ IMDB