When Shah Rukh Khan was in love with his ladylove Gauri Khan and had made up his mind to marry her, it was a matter of days when Gauri's brother threatened her. Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan are in the news these days due to their son Aryan Khan getting caught in a drug case. Efforts are on for a long time for bail in the son's case. At the same time, we are going to tell you such an anecdote today when Gauri's brother threatened SRK at gunpoint. Many stories of the exciting and challenging journey of Shahrukh and Gauri from love to marriage have come to the fore so far. Today we tell you an incident about which very few people know.

threatened with a gun

During the days when Shah Rukh Khan fell in love with Gauri Khan and had made up his mind to marry her, Gauri's brother threatened her. He even threatened Shahrukh with a gun to stop him from marrying Gauri. Gauri's mother also used to dislike Shahrukh

Gauri's family had a lot of objection to Shahrukh-Gauri's love. In a book written by Shah Rukh Khan, 'King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema', journalist Anupama Chopra has written about the challenges faced by Shah Rukh and Gauri.

Gauri's father had this problem

It is written in the book that Gauri's father Ramesh Chhibber had objections to Shahrukh Khan's acting career rather than his religion. Shahrukh's television serial 'Fauji' had got success and he had also become famous. While working with Gauri's father Zakir Hussain, the former President of India, he became aware of the life of film stars. Not only this, but Gauri's mother Savita also disliked 'Shahrukh' as ​​a future son-in-law, although she liked to see Shahrukh on screen. Then he consulted an astrologer that how to end the relationship of these two but it did not help.

Then, the brother showed the gun

It is written in the book that Gauri's elder brother Vikrant also did not like this choice of his sister. Vikrant's image was that of a goon. He also showed a gun to scare Shahrukh but Shahrukh remained firm even then.

got married on this day

Finally, Shahrukh and Gauri got married on October 25, 1991. The couple has three children - Aryan, Suhana and AbRam. Gauri is an interior designer and a successful businesswoman.