Taimur Ali Khan, son of Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, is the most loved star kid in the industry. Whenever Saif and Kareena come in front of the paparazzi, the eyes of the photographers are looking for Junior Pataudi. Taimur Ali Khan's age is just 4 years old, but while facing the media, his confidence is no less than that of a Nawab.Taimur lives full of confidence,

today we are going to show you some such pictures and videos of Taimur Ali Khan which will make you believe that Taimur Ali Khan's attitude has already become a Nawabi. . Cute Taimur is very confident while facing the media and this is the reason why his pictures and videos become viral on the internet every day.Taimur's Attitude is Nawabi From now on,

Taimur Ali Khan's fan following is like a superstar from now on. His pictures and videos spread like fire on the internet and there are many fan pages in his name on Instagram, on which people keep sharing Taimur's latest pics. Whenever Taimur Ali Khan, who is fond of eating softy, is seen with his mother, he often has a softie in his hand.

These videos become viral every day

, whether it is to smile while facing the media, wave towards them, hoist the flag or play music in a public event, Taimur has full interest in everything. If you go to find such videos on public portals, then you will find a wealth of videos of Taimur Ali Khan in which he will be seen facing the media with cute expressions.

Taimur Ali will soon be 5 years old

Taimur Ali Khan was born on 20 December 2016. He will turn 5 in December this year. But seeing his confidence, it does not seem that Junior Pataudi is just 4 years old. It is known that when Taimur was named, there was a lot of controversies. But with time, everything calmed down and today the fans sprinkle their lives on Taimur.