Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Spoiler Alert: The distance between Sai and Virat in the show is getting shorter now, but once again Pakhi's action is going to come between this love. The TV show 'Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar eiin', which revolves amidst the confusion of love, is now seen with a new change. While there have been many twists in the show since the past, now the story seems to be in a romantic mode. Sai has been swinging between her life and death since the accident and now Virat and Sai are coming closer to each other in this difficult period. But Pakhi is not going to like this closeness, so in the coming episodes, a big twist is going to come out in this show.

Virat Sai's love grew in ICU

Till now we saw in the show that Virat went to ICU to meet Sai and apologized. Sai has refused to eat or drink anything and Virat is also sitting hungry and thirsty waiting for Sai's health to improve. In such a situation, Virat would go to the room and make a hundred efforts to give coconut water to Sai. After this, there are tears in Sai's eyes. Virat acts as his father and convinces him to drink coconut water. But Sai first tells Virat that she too should drink coconut water then she will drink it. A smile comes on Sai's face. Now in the coming episodes, we are going to see some emotional moments moving forward with the love of Sai and Virat apart from the family.

Virat will groom Sai's hairIn today's episode, we will see that Sai is talking to Virat in gestures without speaking. She will stop Virat by holding his hand when he talks about going out. After this, Virat will groom Sai's scattered hair and make its braid. He will also take a selfie with Sai and try to make Sai happy. Seeing all this happening between Virat and Sai, the family members will pray for both of them to be happy.

Pakhi will come in between

Seeing the love of Virat Sai, where all the people are happy, Pakhi comes to the hospital. Pakhi gets jealous seeing the emotional moment between the two. Pakhi brings flowers for Sai on this occasion and thinks in her mind that she is not right but the flowers given by her will stay in Sai's room. Due to which Sai and Virat will not be able to live alone. Even before his dirty intentions are fulfilled, Virat will reprimand him and ask him to leave Sai's room. When Sai expresses concern for Virat, he will scold him.

The doctor will tell scary thing

Meanwhile, Pulkit and Samrat will meet Sai's doctor, he will talk about Sai's voice. But the doctor will say that Sai wants to speak but she is unable to speak. So now he has to take the help of a psychiatrist. Because sometimes it is difficult to compensate for the loss after such accidents. On hearing this, Samrat would get tensed.