Manoj Bajpayee: Manoj Bajpayee has won people's hearts with his characters. He presented a new definition of the star to the people. For years, he has been seen working on different projects in the industry. But the actor recently said that being a part of Indian cinema is actually not easy at all. He openly expressed his opinion about Bollywood. Let us know his full statement.

Manoj Bajpayee said this about the industry

Manoj Bajpayee was seen in the film 'Satya' released in 1998. While talking to ANI, he says that he did not tell his family and friends about the film until the release date was fixed. He didn't want things to get worse. The actor says that earlier things used to be very different.

Even after signing the film, there were changes, and the films were also closed. He says that the battle cannot be fought alone in this industry. People are taken for help and luck plays a very important role.

Now the sets are changing...

Manoj Bajpayee says that because the industry is small, it has to face a lot of difficulties. But things have changed with time. He says that now is the digital era, the sets have been changed and now a very good presence of women is seen on the sets. Earlier there used to be only hairdressers or heroines.

Manoj Bajpayee's work front

The actor will soon be seen in 'Silence 2: The Night Owl Bar Shootout. The film will be streamed on ZEE 5. Stars like Prachi Desai, Sahil Vaid, and Parul Gulati will be seen in it. It has been made under the direction of Aban Bharucha Devhans.