Nowadays, people's thinking regarding relationships with age difference is changing. Whereas earlier there was a lot of misconception in the society regarding these relationships, now people consider these relationships as much as the relationships between people of the same age. There are many Bollywood celebs whose relationship has an age difference. For example, there is an age difference of 22 years between Arbaaz Khan and his wife Shura Khan, while there is an age difference of 11 years between Hrithik Roshan and his girlfriend Saba Azad. Such relationships are usually called 'age gap relationships'. Today we will talk about some advantages and disadvantages of age gap relationship.

Opportunity to learn new things

When two people have an age difference, they can learn a lot from each other. The elder partner can give life experiences and knowledge to the younger partner, while the younger partner can teach new things to the elder partner.

Less Stress

There is often less tension in relationships with age differences. Both partners feel more comfortable and relaxed with each other.

More thrill and excitement

There is often more thrill and excitement in age gap relationships. Both partners feel newness and freshness with each other.


In relationships with age difference, both partners may have to compromise with each other. For example, if one partner is young, he may have to understand the life experiences and responsibilities of his older partner. At the same time, if one partner is elder, he may have to understand the life goals and dreams of his younger partner.

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