Bollywood senior actress and politician Jaya Bachchan is celebrating her 75th birthday on 9 April. Most people know her only for her outbursts at the camera and scolding of the paparazzi. This attitude of her has somehow become her identity today. But if you want to know what kind of personality Jaya Bachchan is, then watch her interview, and you will become a fan.

A recent interview of Jaya Bachchan is much talked about, which was taken by her granddaughter Navya Nanda in the podcast show. In this, Jaya Bachchan has spoken openly about taking a break from her successful career and living like a housewife. It can be clearly understood from these words of the actress that a woman can happily risk everything for her family, and dares to get it back.

Took a break from career for family

Women in affluent families always have the freedom to continue their careers even after having children if they wish. But no one can handle a child better than a mother. Understanding this, Jaya Bachchan took a break from films at the peak of her career and gave full time to her family.

I didn't make any sacrifices

Jaya Bachchan said that she does not like it at all when people call her decision to take a break from her career a sacrifice. People think that I sacrificed my career for my marriage and children but it is not so. Was doing it all for my pleasure. I loved spending time with my family.

I liked the role of wife and mother more.

Jaya Bachchan said that she was enjoying the role of a mother and wife in real life more than any onscreen character. The feeling of becoming a mother is very special for every woman, but due to the fear of failure in her career, many women are not able to enjoy their child's childhood properly. This decision is very situational and personal. Therefore, before making any decision, every woman should think about whether she is losing something that can never be recovered.

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