Everyone was surprised by the announcement of 'Weekend Ka Vaar' Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 15. Not one but two evictions were seen in the house. Season's lovebirds Miesha Iyer and Ishaan Sehgal have been evicted from the show due to low votes. Every day in the house, the family members are seen making an issue about something or the other, on which there is a lot of ruckuses. Salman Khan has also interrupted the family members regarding this. Now another promo of the show has surfaced, in which the family members can be seen fighting among themselves.

It is clear from the video released that there is going to be a lot of ruckus between the family members in the upcoming episode. After the promo surfaced, now the audience is also desperate to watch the episode. Bigg Boss gives luxury tasks to the family members, between which Afsana Khan falls asleep and Shamita Shetty talks in English.

Bigg Boss cancels the task because of Afsana and Shamita. Due to this, there is a lot of commotion in the house. Bigg Boss also refuses to give ration to the family members. For this, the family members target Afsana and Shamita. Many contestants express their displeasure over both of them. On which Afsana loses her temper. On the other hand, Shamita also seems annoyed by this.

On the other hand, there is going to be a lot of Tutu-Main between Vishal Kotian and Jai Bhanushali today. A video of this has also surfaced, in which Jai angrily tells Vishal that he gets bass. Vishal's anger about which is seen in the seventh sky.

It is evident from these promos that there is going to be a lot of ruckus between the family members in Bigg Boss 15 tonight. Apart from this, some of the family members are also going to get the tag of VIP soon, with which they will directly join the final race. This was announced by Salman Khan in this Weekend Ka Vaar.