TV actress Chhavi Mittal has recently defeated cancer. The actress has been constantly sharing her journey with the fans ever since she was hit by cancer. The actress had breast cancer (Chavi Mittal Cancer). After which he had surgery. Now Chhavi Mittal has gotten rid of cancer but is also making her fans aware of this disease. Recently she has shared a picture of herself, in which she is seen flaunting the scars of her cancer surgery.

Chhavi Mittal has shared her new pictures on Instagram, in which she is seen in a yellow color backless dress. In the photo, Chhavi is proudly flaunting her cancer surgery scars. While showing the scars of her cancer surgery, Chhavi also told that many times people get scared after seeing these scars.

While sharing the photo, the image is written in the caption- 'Scar, you can see on someone's body, but not on her soul. I dared to flaunt this mark, but seeing this many people got scared. I say if you get scared seeing this mark then how would I feel. Who got this mark.

The image writes- 'A man is not a real man when he looks down and admires a woman's body. But, to get this body does not praise the efforts of the woman. Some people asked me this question that can you not get this mark removed with a laser. My answer to such people is no. I never said yes to him. Let me tell you, recently Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhary has also revealed that she is in the grip of breast cancer. She has given this information to the fans through social media.