Actress Ratan Rajput, who worked in the TV show 'AgleJanamMoheBitiya Hi Kijo', has made a big disclosure related to the casting couch while giving an interview to a media portal. Ratan Rajput has told how a director mixed some intoxicant in her drink without informing her.

Revealed about casting couch

In a media interview, Ratan Rajput said, "I would call casting couch an intention. I had never spoken openly about the casting couch even during the Me Too movement, but it is really important to talk about it. I am active and there I used to get a lot of emails from many young generations. Those who also take guidance from me, so I think they should know the truth. If four people have done wrong then the whole industry is not bad. I am the leader of the industry today. I am here because of this. I got this experience from the industry itself.

When went to audition at the hotel

She also said, "There was a hotel in Oshiwara where all the auditions were held. I went there to audition and saw many well-known actors there. I gave my audition but the director was not there. A person from another level took my audition and said, "You did very well madam. I said ok. It was my habit that I never go alone. I had a friend with me who came for the dance audition. The coordinator asked me to read the script and asked to get ready for the meeting. I didn't understand what was happening."

'Drink was mixed with drugs'

"He requested to drink a cold drink, which we drank reluctantly. Then he said that he will call me for another audition. Me and my friend then reached home and I started suspecting that something was mixed in the cold drink. I was also feeling a bit uncomfortable. A few hours later, I got a call for another audition. As soon as I walked in, the whole thing was scattered. The lights were too dim. Clothes were scattered all over. A girl I saw her, lying in a delirious state probably due to the intoxication of alcohol. I had an idea of ​​what must have happened here."

Ratan came back after running

"Something was mixed in that drink, which made me out of control even though I was conscious. After that, my friend and I said sorry there and then we ran away." After this Ratan said, "I think we should be socially responsible, so we should talk about it. The industry is not wrong but some people are wrong in it. I want to slap the person who did this to me.". He is still a big name in the industry.

Ratan Rajput made his mark by working in the household TV show 'AgleJanamMoheBitiya Hi Kijo' and even today she has many fans. Ratan Rajput spoke openly about her experience of casting couch in front of the media without any fear.

image credit- Instagram