Nikita Dutta Meet With An Accident While Walking: Shahid Kapoor's film Kabir Singh (Kabir Singh) TV and Bollywood actress Nikita Dutta is going through a lot of trouble these days. Actress Jahan has been winning everyone's hearts with her work for a few days. At the same time, something happened to him a few days ago, hearing that your senses will fly away and with this, you will get upset after hearing it. Actually, Nikita Dutta's fan following is increasing and she is also making a big splash on social media and recently she has posted a post in which she has told her story with the fans in which she has said that with them Such an incident has happened after which She is very upset. Actress Nikita Dutta, who won the hearts of people, recently mentioned an incident that happened to her, which shook her. The actress told how her belongings were snatched from her openly and after this incident, she is a bit scared.

Actually, Nikita Dutta was going on a walk recently when 2 men came on the bike and snatched her phone, and left. The actress is very upset with this accident and she has posted about this whole accident and told. Nikita Dutta wrote, 'I want to share one thing with all of you. The past day has been very disturbing for me and for these 24 hours I am thinking only about that incident. I was walking on 14th street of Bandra at 7.45 pm. 2 men came on the bike from behind me. He tapped on my head, which took my attention away, and then he quickly snatched the phone from my hand. By the time I could react, he left from there.

After this Nikita Dutta wrote, 'I could not understand anything for 3-4 seconds. By the time I could manage myself and run after him, he had gone too far. The people around were very sweet and came to me for help. One person who was on the bike even ran after them, but he had gone a long way. I almost had a panic attack from this accident. I was lucky that there were good people around who asked me to drink water because my tears were not stopping. After this, I filed a complaint with the Bandra police station. Whatever the procedure was, it was done.' Nikita wrote in the end, 'I am writing this message so that people can become aware. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. The hard-earned money that someone has earned should not be lost without it being his fault.