Bobby Deol has told during an interview that how much he used to miss his father as a child. He also spoke about how much his relationship with his father had changed. Bobby Deol told that he and his brother Sunny Deol now discuss everything with their father. Bobby remembered the time when he was young and his father used to spend most of his time at work. Remembering his childhood, he gives a lot of time to his children.Best bond with father
Bobby Deol has seen many ups and downs in his career. His work in the ashram was well received. After this, he also got praise in Love Hostel. In a conversation with our colleague Hindustan Times, Bobby told that his relationship with his father Dharmendra has improved with time. Spending quality time together and having long conversations is an important part of their relationship. Bobby says, when parents become old, they become fragile. At this time they need children around. Papa and we (Sunny Deol) discuss everything and things that he didn't discuss earlier.Dharam used to sleep on the sets
When Bobby was a child, Dharmendra used to spend a lot of time shooting films so that he could secure the future of the children. Bobby says, I used to miss being at his house. Sometimes he used to take me to shoot locations but he was busy there too. He used to work day and night to provide all the facilities for us. He used to fall asleep on the sets.
Spend more time with children
Taking lessons from his childhood, Bobby now spends more time with his sons Aryaman and Dharam. Bobby says, I am from a different generation. I believe that when children are young and the time you spend with them is valuable because it brings you closer to them.