Bigg Boss 14 fame Pavitra Punia has a serious accident with actress Pavitra Punia. After this, the doctor advised her to take a bed rest for three weeks. Holy fans are also worried about this. Holy's foot is hurt. Her leg was injured while shifting home.

Pavitra Punia told the Times of India that a piece of glass on the center table slipped from her hand and fell on her left leg while she was putting materials in the living room, injuring her. She reacted by saying, ‘The glass was very heavy and when it slipped from my hand and then it fell at my feet. It was only after this incident that I realized that this injury was not normal. By evening my legs were swollen and I was having trouble walking.

"A day after the incident, when I went for an X-ray, I realized there was a ligament injury," she said. After that, the doctor advised me to rest for three weeks. '

Although doctors have advised Pavitra Poonia to rest, she is scheduled to leave for Delhi on October 20 as she has a shoot. About the shoot, she said, "I can't quit, because she's committed to this shoot, so there's no question of canceling the shoot." Pavithra plans to shoot for the next 10 days, after which she will celebrate Diwali with her family.

Aryan khan made big promise to NCB; "When I come out ..." said her close and special friend Ejaz Khan, who is also currently out shooting. Pavitra and Ejaz were seen together in Bigg Boss 14. Initially the two were seen arguing, but by the end of the show the two admitted that their relationship is very special. Seeing the chemistry of the two, the family members also gave them the status of 'Love Birds'. They have been spotted together several times since leaving the house.