Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, was arrested on October 2 during an NCB raid on a Cordelia cruise.

Aryan was granted bail after 25 days (Aryan Khan Bail). Aryan was released on Saturday, October 30, after being granted bail on Thursday, and Aryan was finally released from Arthur Road Jail. After Aryan's release, Diwali was celebrated on Mannat. Fans had gathered in a single crowd outside Shah Rukh's house. Aryan was given a warm welcome after his release from prison. But after 25 days in jail, Aryan suffered a major setback.

Shah Rukh and Gauri have made an important decision to get Aryan out of this predicament. Aryan's daily routine will undergo a complete overhaul, including a diet plan, counseling and a health checkup. So Gauri and Shah Rukh seem to be working hard to bring Aryan's life back to normal. Shah Rukh and Gauri have selected an expert doctor to take care of Aryan's health.

According to sources on the Bollywood Life website, Aryan's health will be tested. It is being speculated that his stay in jail has had a major impact on his health as well as his mental state. Therefore, Aryan's parents are taking special care of him. Not only that, Shah Rukh-Gauri has also decided to organize a special counseling session for Aryan. The special thing after the Cruise Drugs Party case is that it has been decided to keep Aryan away from all parties.