Anupama Spoiler Alert: In Rupali Ganguly starrer TV show 'Anupama', now Baa's whereabouts is going to come. The biggest tweet to date is ready in the story of TRP list's Sartaj Rupali Ganguly starrer TV show 'Anupama'. So far, her mother-in-law, who has created the most troubles in Anupama's life, is going to find out about the baa of Shah House i.e. Leela (Alpana Buch). Because now Vanraj is about to make his mother homeless.

Bapuji came to Anupama's house to persuade

In the episode so far in Anupama, we have seen that Baa insulted her husband i.e. Hasmukh Shah (Arvind Vaidya) in front of everyone. After which Anupama brought him to her house to support her father. This time again Kavya filled Ba's ears against Anupama. But before Vanraj returns home, Kavya and Ba make a plan to bring Bapuji back home. Now in today's episode of Thursday, we will see that Baa (Alpana Buch) will go to Anupama's door to convince her husband. Bapuji refuses to go home

Baa (Alpana Buch) will again taunt Anupama and say that because of her the relations in the house are broken. She will tell Bapuji that the relationship of 50 years does not break like this, forgive everyone and go back home. But Bapuji will tell Baa that now he will never go with her till his death. Now both of them will die separately and alone. After this, Baa will plead with him many times and apologize, but Bapuji will not melt with his words and will flatly refuse to go.

Vanraj got angry due to bad condition

On the other hand, we will see that Vanraj will continuously call the members of the house from the hotel room. But no one will pick up his phone. He will call Kavya, Toshu, Bapuji. When someone's phone is not picked up, he will soon come back home. As soon as he comes home, he will ask Toshu what has happened after he leaves, but Toshu will postpone the matter. Here Kavya will get a message from Toshu that Vanraj is back. On hearing this news, Baa gets stunned as to what answer she will give to Vanraj.

Vanraj will throw Baa out of the house

When Baa goes back to the house without Bapuji, Vanraj's anger will erupt in a way that no one could have imagined even in his dreams. He will get to know about the actions of Baa on the night of Diwali from somewhere. Vanraj will not be able to bear the humiliation of his father. He will be furious with anger. He will angrily tell Baa that she cannot enter this house until her father returns. He will throw Ba out of the house.

Ba will beg Anupama for help

After this Baa will feel helpless. She also knows that if anyone can bring Bapuji back into the house, it is only Anupama. In such a situation, Ba, who is homeless from the house, will weep bitterly by placing her head on Anupama's shoulder. She will say that only Anupama can bring Bapuji back now. So now it has to be seen whether Anupama will help him after humiliating Baa? Will Bapuji go to Shah House again?