Anupam Kher is not only a veteran artist but also gives special attention to the family. Anupam is often seen spending time with his mother, not only this, but his videos also keep shared on social media. Anupam met his mother Dulari when he reached home after being out of the house for almost a month in connection with the shooting of his film 'Uunchai'. On seeing her son, the mother got angry and reprimanded the son for being negligent in eating and drinking. Seeing the concern of the mother for her son at this age, the fans are also falling in love. Not only this, but he has also bought shirts for his son on Diwali.

Anupam Kher was out of the house for the shooting of Rajshri Production's film 'Uchhai', and when he returned home on the occasion of Diwali and met his mother, Anupam Kher made a video after seeing her reaction. The actor has shared this video on Instagram. His mother Dulari Devi gets angry seeing him lean and says that I will have more weight than you. When the mother asks them to eat more food, Anupam tells them that I am eating paratha. Not only this, he compared his son to dry fish. The mother is seen showing the shirt she bought for her son on Diwali.

Sharing the video, Anupam wrote in the caption, 'Meet my mother after a month. He said Sukra (lean) on seeing me. Strangely made a face. After this further said that I look like Hoggard. In Kashmiri, it means dry fish, but then I found two nice shirts. When he is around, he cannot be dry even for a moment.

Seeing this post of Anupam Kher, fans are also expressing surprise and asking that 'OMG your mother still does shopping for you'. Not only this, many fans are falling in love with this loving scolding of Anupam Kher's mother. Fans are calling Anupam lucky.