Everyone knows that before the arrival of Ranbir Kapoor in Katrina Kaif's life, she was dating Salman Khan, but when the breakup happened, Salman refused to make fun of his ex-girlfriend. Didn't back down either.
Although the name of Salman Khan, who is called the Dabangg and Tiger of Bollywood, has been associated with many actresses, but there was a time when the pair of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif was very much liked. Fans used to be very eager to see these two together in the film. From the streets of the industry to the media and on social media, only the pair of these two used to be discussed. Both worked together in many films.Not only this, both of them have dated each other for a long time. Not only this, at one point the news of the marriage of both of them was also covered in the media, but in the end, the same thing happened with the relationship of these two which happened with the rest of Salman's relationship. After dating each other for a long time, both of them separated, but the matter does not end there. During many events and interviews, Salman Khan talked about his relationship with Kat and did not forget to take a jibe at the actress.

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After Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor came in Katrina Kaif's life. The love of both was said to be quite serious. So much so that once even Kareena Kapoor Khan had called Kat as sister-in-law. Well, Salman Khan also took a dig at the relationship between these two. During an interview with Salman Khan in a rapid fire round, he was asked, 'What would be your first reaction if you woke up in the morning as Katrina Kaif?'
Responding to this, Salman Khan mocked him and said that 'I will ask - where is Ranbir?'. After this he was asked, 'If you wake up in the morning as Ranbir Kapoor, what will be the first thing you think?'. Responding to this, Salman taunted Ranbir that 'I will think whether Salman is lucky or me? The third question was, what advice would you like to give to Ranbir, then Salman said - I will say have fun'.
Let us tell you that when Salman had said all this in his interview, then Katrina was in a relationship with Ranbir and both were in live-in for about 6 years, but then both had a breakup and Ranbir had a relationship with Alia Bhatt. Got married after dating for 5 years. At the same time, Katrina also took Vicky Kaushal's hand last year.