Katrina Kaif is famous for her fashion style and cuteness. The fashion style of the actress often gets the attention of the lover. Recently, Katrina's killing look was seen in a mini dress. Everyone's eyes have stopped on this western dress of the actress. Let us know about this dress today.

Recently, Katrina Kaif reached Shah Rukh Khan's wife Gauri Khan's chat show. The actress shared the photo of her look on Insta, which everyone is praising. After marriage, everyone would like to carry this look of the actress away from the limelight.

Amidst the news of pregnancy, the actress shared the look in such a dress, which is of mini look and bodycon. Katrina wore a floral printed dress. This dress will prove to be perfect for everyone to carry in this summer season. The sleeves of this dress are full arms, giving a more stylish look to the dress.

However, while carrying this dress, take full care of makeup too, as far as possible, try to like makeup with this dress. Let us tell you that you can buy this dress from Katrina Kaif online. After doing a little research, it was found that you can buy this dress from Katrina online.

Yes, this dress is from the brand 'Zimmermann'. This dress of Katrina Kaif is available on this site. However, it is not in everyone's power to buy it. The cost of this dress by Katrina Kaif is $1110. Yes, let us tell you that this dress is on the official website of the brand and this dress can be found at a discount of Rs 88, 242. That is, it is clear that this dress is not on everyone's bus.