Sonu Sood who came as the messiah of the poor and needy people during covid is helping everyone even today. Outside Sonu's house, there is always a crowd of people who come to Sonu to ask for help for something or the other. At the same time, because of Sonu's generosity, the fans love him even more now. Now recently a fan came to meet him and brought such a gift for him that Sonu was also surprised. Actually, that fan brought a painting for Sonu, but that painting was not common. It was made by the fan with his own blood. Along with this, when he met Sonu, he said that he can also give his life to Sonu.

Sonu's blood painting

However, Sonu also gave a message to that person and other fans that instead of doing so, they should donate blood. Actually, Sonu retweeted a video on Twitter in which he is meeting the fan. Sonu says in the video that he is a talented artist. My brother made my painting. Then the fan speaks in the middle with blood. Then Sonu says that this is what you did wrong that you made it with blood.

Sonu gave message

Fan says I will sacrifice my life for you. After this Sonu says, I can understand your feelings, but why only with blood? Better you donate blood. Sonu then requests everyone at the end of the video to support this artist and that his prayers are always with him.

Sonu again shared the video and requested everyone to donate blood, my brother, do not waste my painting like this.

Professional life

Talking about Sonu's professional life, he was last seen in the film Prithviraj. Now he will be seen in the Tamil film Tamilarasan. Apart from this, he will be seen as a lead actor in the Bollywood film Fateh, which is being directed by Abhinandan Gupta.