It usually happens that a player emerges as a hero among fans by his performance in the field. But if you do such a thing in real life, then what is the matter? One such incident was seen in Brazil. 24-year-old Brazilian footballer Brian Borges had to play the role of a midwife for his pregnant wife.

However, during this time he not only protected his wife but also saved the little girl Cecilia from injury. When the video related to this surfaced on social media, everyone gave her courage. It happened that Brian's wife Mylena, when Laborpen started, left his apartment to go to the hospital.

Brian saves daughter from falling to the ground

But by the time he reached the car parked in the parking lot, his wife's pain increased. She lay on the ground. The pain became unbearable. Meanwhile, the wife gave birth to a baby girl. Bryan immediately saves Betty from falling to the ground. After this took over the wife. Both were taken to a safe place.

Now wife and baby are both healthy

However, the couple had already booked in the maternity ward of Arizona Hospital. But perhaps God had something else approved. However, after the birth of the daughter, Bryan, with the help of his friends, took the wife to the hospital in a car. Now both wife and baby are healthy. The baby weighs 2.9 kg. This incident is in October.

Bryan plays for the second division team Nautico Capibaribe FC. He said- He will remember this moment for his life. When my daughter becomes wise, I will tell her what happened at her birth.