Italy's famous sports journalist Doytta Leotta is once again in the news. This beautiful anchor's house has been stolen. According to the Italian media, the thieves have stolen approximately Rs 1.27 crore from Leota's house, which includes watches, money, and jewelry.

Diletta Leotta's apartment is in Milan. She went to eat at a local restaurant when her house was stolen. According to the report, 8 watches from the house of Delta Leota, including Rolex. Jewelry and cash have been stolen. police are investigating the matter.

Diletta Leotta is quite popular among Italian football fans. She often reaches the stadium to cover the match of Siri-A. Let me tell you that this beautiful female anchor has also been misbehaved many times in the stadium.

Last year, Dolotta Leota arrived at San Paulo Stadium in Italy to cover Napoli and Brescia's match, where Napoli fans made lewd comments on her. Fans shouted slogans to take off the T-shirt at the beach stadium.

The indecency of the fans of Napoli was responded to by sports anchor Doytta Leotta very easily. He smiled towards the fans of Napoli and he turned his thumb down.