Virat Kohli is often considered one of the best batsmen in the world. Today we are telling you about Virat Kohli's beautiful house. Which is no less than a palace.

Virat Kohli has spent his childhood in Uttam Nagar Delhi. Then he went to Paschim Vihar, Meera Bagh. However, now his family lives in Gurugram. Where their luxurious houses are present.

His Mumbai home is worth 34 crores. Whom everyone wants to see. Today we will tell you all about his house. These houses are in Virat Kohli's DLF Phase 1 of Gurugram. On seeing whom everyone falls in love. When you look at this house from outside, it seems that it has been made by mixing several boxes. Which adds to the beauty of this house.

But as you start paying attention, you will see that this beautiful house is actually a three dimensional abstraction of an interlocking geometric structure.