Barcelona star striker Lionel Messi has once again targeted his club. He said that he has always been upset about the accusations of everyone's failure in the club. Messi's statement came after allegations made by Uncle Emmanuel Lopez of his club's Antoine Griezmann. Emmanuel described Messi as the root of the Barcelona club's troubles.

I am worried about the blame for everyone's failure

Messi said, 'Everyone in the club is telling me the reason for their trouble. I am upset. I arrived here after 15 hours in flight, just so that the tax agent could argue with me. In fact, Messi, who returned to Spain from the international break, also faced a tax inspector. The tax inspector had asked Messi to show all the documents at the airport.

Griezmann is struggling with bad form

Antoine Griezmann, who joined Barcelona from Atlético Madrid, is struggling with poor form. At which Griezmann's Uncle Emmanuel Lopez defended him and targeted Messi. Lopez had said, 'Griezmann told me that he would not be able to succeed in Barcelona in the first 6 months. They will take time. '

Messi don't work too hard in Barcelona

Lopez said, 'But I am not willing to believe that he is in this form for 1 year. I know what is going on in the club with Messi. Messi does not work too hard in Barcelona. Training is also conducted in such a way that some selected people can get rest. If you do not want to work, then it is also fine. '

All is not well between Messi and Barcelona

Let us know that everything is not going well between Messi and Barcelona for some time. Messi also decided to leave Barcelona a few months ago but changed his decision due to some reasons.

The relationship between Messi and Sporting Manager deteriorates after coach Valverde is removed

In January this year, Ernesto Valverde was removed from Barcelona as a coach. Even Messi and Sporting Manager Eric Abidal are having a bad relationship.

The controversy between Messi and Barcelona's Sporting Manager

Without naming Messi, Abidal said that the team's players were not happy with Valverde. For this reason, the coach was dismissed. Messi responded by saying that it was wrong to criticize players without naming them. After this controversy, there was news in the media that Messi would not extend his contract with the club.

The speculation about leaving the club in September was dismissed

However, in September Messi put an end to the speculation about his leaving Barcelona. He had said, I am not happy, so wanted to leave the club. But I was not allowed to do so. I did not want to fight a legal battle. So I decided to stay for a year. I can never go to court against Barcelona. I love this club This club has given me everything. I made my life right here.