Commandant Vikram Singh Dhayal in Sector 13 army could not become an international archer himself, so he decided to make two daughters and son international archers. Gave training to all three by targeting outside the house. Two daughters Divya Dyal, Khushboo, and son Digvijay Dyal made a flurry of medals from national to international level. The special thing is that Divya and Digvijay Dyal are twins. Both have won 30-30 medals at the national level and six medals each at the international level.

The dream was to bring medals to all three children at the international level, for the first time all three won gold in Vijayawada and got great happiness - Vikram Singh

I have been a national-level archer. After his deployment in the army, he could not participate in the international level championship. In the year 2014, I started training my daughter Divya Dyal, Khushboo Dyal, and son Digvijay Dyal in archery by targeting them outside the house. It was a dream that all three would ration the name of the country by getting the gold medal at the international level in archery. For this, where I was pasting, he started training all three by making targets outside the house.

The biggest happiness happened when all three won gold medals in the Archery Championship held in Vijayawada in the year 2014. Although Khushboo had already won many medals in the national level championship. All three were also trained near Manjeet's coach of Umra in Hisar. Now Divya has been selected for the Youth World Championship to be held in Poland from 9 to 15 August. ' As told by Commandant Vikram Singh Dayal.

Divya's Achievement

Silver Medal in Archery World Cup held in the USA in the year 2018.
Golded at the Youth World Championships held in Argentina in the year 2017.
Golded in the 2019 Asia Cup held in Thailand.
So far 30 medals have been won at the national level.

Fragrance's Achievement

Golded at the Youth World Championships held in Argentina in the year 2017.
Bronze medal in the 2018 World Cup
More than 40 medals in national level championships were held at various places including Delhi, Bhubaneshwar.

Achievement of Digvijay Dyal

Golded at the 2018 World Archery Championships in the USA
Golded in Senior National Archery event held in Dehradun in 2021
Golded in Senior National Championship held in Bhopal in 2019
He has won 30 medals at the National level.