Tokyo Olympics 2020 is going to start after a few days from today. Many players from all over the world are going to participate in this Mahakumbh of sports.

The Olympic Games are going to start in Tokyo, Japan, after a few days from today. Players of all the countries have completed their preparations for this Mahakumbh of sports. It is often seen that the Olympic medal winners often bite the Olympic medal from their mouth. There is a very special reason behind why players do this.

Why do athletes deduct Olympic medals

There is a very special reason behind why athletes press their Olympic medals in their mouths. According to a CNN report, players do this because gold is slightly softer and malleable than other metals. By pressing it in the mouth, the players determine whether the medal is of real gold or not. But apart from this, most of the players press their medal in their mouth to get the photo clicked.

There are more reasonsSometimes the photographers are also called by the players to press their medals in the mouth. Let us tell you that years ago the players were given pure gold medals, but now the medals are only gold plated. If marks are made on the medal after cutting it, then it is known that this medal was of gold only.

almost all players do this Now almost every player does the work of pressing his won medal in the mouth. This is mostly done for taking photos only. Today's players probably do not even know why players used to do this years ago. Thousands of players will be seen doing this once again in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.