Who says that only the rich have the right to dream big dreams. If the spirits are high, then even a poor person can touch the highs where the dreams of the rich are seen. This saying fits on the famous West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle. In today's time, the kind of impression Gale has left among the people. Chris Gayle is a resident of Jamaica and currently has everything, but once upon a time, he even had food.

He revealed this in a recent interview. Chris Gayle reports that he was born into a very poor family. He used to live in a crude hut. His mother ran a family selling peanuts. Due to poverty, he could not see the face of the college. After 10th he had to leave studies. His parents did not have the money to pay school fees.

But you may be shocked to hear that Gayle used to be very poor at one time. Poverty was such that they did not even have bread to eat, even at times they used to do things like theft. So that you can fill your stomach. At that time, Gail used to do everything from picking up garbage. In fact, with being a millionaire at this time, Chris Gayle has many cars. But his childhood went through a period of great poverty. It is impossible to imagine them now. Fans cannot even imagine under what circumstances Gayle's life would have been spent.