Usually whenever a person gets married, most of the times boys are older than girls. But in many pairs, girls are older than boys. There are many such pairs in the sports world, in which his wife is older than the players. Let us now tell you about such players.

1 Virat Kohli

As everyone knows, Virat Kohli's wife's name is Anushka Sharma and she is a Bollywood actress, Virat Kohli is about 6 months younger than Anushka Sharma.

2 Sachin Tendulkar

Known as the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar is almost 6 years younger than his wife Anjali, yet he marries Anjali.

3 Shikhar Dhawan

State The Monkey Love Story is very strange, he married a married woman. He already had two children and his wife's name is Asha, she is almost 10 years older than him.

4 David Warner

The Australian batsman has given away six bowlers to many bowlers. Warner is almost a year younger than his wife. David Warner was born in Paddington on 27 October 1986, while his wife was born in 1985. David Warner has so far been 35 in international cricket. Has scored a century.