Indian captain Virat Kohli has got the support of veteran cricketer VVS Laxman on the matter of Paternity Leave. Laxman said that we all should respect his decision. Yes, you are a professional cricketer. But you are also a family man. Therefore, you also have to take decisions on keeping family in mind.

Laxman was on a foreign tour when his child was born
Laxman became a father for the first time in 2006-07. At that time he was on a tour of South Africa. Because of this, he could not give time to his family. However, he did miss a few Ranji matches a few years later when his daughter was born. According to the news agency, Laxman recalled those days and said that it was a very important feeling. That too when you are going to be a father for the first time.

Very good chance to defeat Australia
Laxman believes that the Indian team captained by Kohli has a very good chance of defeating Australia in all three formats. The Indian team will begin their campaign in Australia from the first ODI match in Sydney on 27 November. When India visited Australia last time, it won the first Test series on Australian soil after 71 years.

IPL will not have any effect on this series

Laxman said that IPL is different from any international tournament. Yes, the workload may be an issue, but I think it should not affect the players, as there is a long gap of 16 days between the IPL final and the first ODI to be played on 27 November. I am sure they are recovering well and the team management and coaching support staff are planning in a very professional manner so that all the players can refresh before the ODI match.

India learned a lot from the New Zealand tour
Asked if India did not perform well in their last international series, which was played on the tour of New Zealand, would this affect the performance of the team? Laxman replied that I do not think it will have any effect, because when you play professional sports, you learn from past disappointments. The way the series took place in New Zealand, all the players will be disappointed, but I am sure they will learn from it and come out with a better experience.

Well above team India sledding

The Australian team is known for sledding. Asked if you think this Indian team is on top of it? Laxman said that yes, there is no doubt about it. This team is quite aggressive. Every player has got his character. Australian players have always difficultly played the game and this is their specialty at the international level.