Why is cricket called a game of uncertainties? The game itself has been providing untold answers to this. It is impossible not to say when the bets take which position. Cricket is a game full of uncertainties, perhaps that is why it is called a gentleman's game. Nowadays T20 is the era, but many years ago there used to be a cricketer who scored a century in just three overs.

Apart from many astonishing records in cricket history, there is a record about which few people know, can you tell me that Don Bradman has played a century in only 3 overs, the former Australian veteran did one such act in the year 1931. In 1931, Bradman made this record while playing for the Blackheath XI team, which could never have been imagined.

The former veteran battled stormily against Team Lithgow and scored a total of 256 runs, scoring 14 sixes and 29 fours, as per ICC cricket rules, 6 balls are bowled in an over. For your information, let us know that in the first one over, 8 balls were bowled, in such a way, Bradman showed the brilliance of hitting a century off 24 balls, the Australian veteran scored 33 runs in the first over, 40 runs in the second over and in the third over. A total of 27 runs were scored, thus completing his stormy century.