The game was stopped for almost 4 months in the world including India due to Corona. Players have stayed away from the practice. In such a situation, the player is worried about his performance. These players have been advised by Sachin Tendulkar to take inspiration from Sir Donald Bradman. He too stayed away from cricket for eight years between 1939 and 1945 due to the Second World War. However, it did not affect his performance.

Sir Don Bradman scored in 52 matches at an average of 99.94
Even in the last days of his career, he had a hunger to do better. That is why he averaged 99.94 from 52 matches. Tendulkar recalled on Sir Donald's 112th birth anniversary, wrote on Twitter, "Due to the Second World War Sir Don Bradman stayed away from cricket for many years, yet he has the highest average in Test batting. Athletes who are worried about their performance should take inspiration from them due to the uncertainties and long breaks today. Happy birthday Sir Don. "

Four months break during 1990 was normal
When the agency asked Sachin how the players would face a six-month-long break before the IPL began, he recalled the 1990s and said that there used to be Cricket Season Limited at that time. He said, "If I am not mistaken, we have hardly played Test matches (of the five) during the 90s for a season of 18 months between 1994 March and 1995 October 1995." Until the 90s, during the season, it was a normal thing to get three to four months off, and when we went to Sri Lanka in the summer season, we beat them in a lot of matches. He said that there was no cricket in India and it was a normal thing.

Bradman scored a century on 22 balls

Bradman played 24 balls during his century innings, ie three overs. The batsman had scored 33 runs in the first over, 40 in the second and 27 runs in the third over. Bradman, who played a total of 52 Test matches for Australia, scored 6996 runs in 80 innings at an average of 99.94. Bradman has 29 centuries and 13 half-centuries.