A few days ago, the Indian team's star players are training with Suresh Raina and young cricketer Rishabh Pant at the training center in Ghaziabad. Where Raina also shared some videos of her practicing with Pant from her Instagram account. In such a situation, another cute video of Raina is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

But Raina wrote a caption while sharing a video on her Instagram account - My favorite item these days. She is already so talkative! Let me tell you, Raina has shared that video while playing with the little son in his post. Which is becoming increasingly viral on social media at this time. Let us tell you that Suresh Raina's son Rio was born on 23 March. This is his second child.

Suresh has so far scored 5615 runs in 226 ODIs. Which includes 5 centuries and 36 half-centuries. He scored 1604 runs in 78 International T20 matches. Which includes one century and 5 half-centuries. Raina has scored 768 runs in 18 Tests, including a century and 7 half-centuries. Raina, who completed the first 3000 runs in IPL, has also been the King of IPL.