The future of world cricket is seen when a young player starts playing. When the same player embraces death, then it is natural to shock the cricket world. Similar heartbreaking news has come from the Bangladesh cricket world.While Mohammad Sojib, a former player of the Under-19 cricket team, committed suicide at his home on Saturday. Sojib, a 21-year-old Rajshahi who was a part of Bangladesh's Under-19 World Cup squad, was a standby player of the team. Were with and so they did not get a chance in playing.In 2018 Sojib made List A debut for Shinepukur although he could not play competitive cricket after that. But Sojib was a talented cricketer. Bangladesh Cricket Board Sports Development Manager Abu Abu Enam Mohammad has expressed grief over Sojib taking such a step. Abu Enam believes that Sojib took this step due to a lack of opportunity in the Bangabandhu T20 Cup. BCB director Khaled Mehmood is surprised by Mohammed Sojib committing suicide.Khaled Mehmood said I can't believe what I heard. I am very sad to hear this news. With this, Khaled Mehmood called Sojib a talented cricketer. Explain that such a move by a young player like Sojib has directly dealt a major blow to the Bangladesh cricket world. Disappointed among all fans.