The news of Argentine star striker Lionel Messi (33) leaving Spanish club Barcelona was further confirmed when he did not reach the club's training ground on Sunday. Here he had to undergo the corona test as per the pre-determined schedule, but this could not happen. Messi then had to start training Barcelona with new coach Ronald Komen from Monday.

On this, the Spanish football tournament La Liga said that Messi's contract with Barcelona is still intact. If Messi breaks it in the middle, he will have to pay $ 833 million (about Rs 609 crore).

Messi made his debut for Barcelona in October 2004
Lionel Messi made his debut for Barcelona on 16 October 2004 at the age of 18. After this, he continued to play for the same club. Messi extended a contract with Barcelona in 2017, ending in June 2021. According to media reports, Messi can leave the club at any time.

Only after paying the fixed amount can a player break the contract in between
La Liga's statement has given a shock to Messi and the club who are looking to buy the star striker. La Liga said, "As a rule, La Liga will not allow anyone to be de-registered (break agreement) with the Spanish Football Federation in the middle. If to do so, the player must pay the fixed amount. "

Messi has scored 634 goals so far for Barcelona.
On 15 August, in the Champions League quarterfinal, Germany's Bayern Munich beat Barcelona 8–2. After this major defeat, Messi has sent documents to the management to leave the club. This has been confirmed by the club itself. Messi scored 634 goals and 276 assists in 731 matches for the club. During this time he has won 34 titles including 10 La Liga and 4 UEFA Champions League to the team.

Competition to buy Messi in these four clubs

Manchester City: City have been eliminated from the Champions League. He could not win the domestic league this time either. His coach Guardiola has coached Barcelona. In such a situation, they want to connect this player with the club and make City a domestic and European champion.
Inter Milan: Messi's rival Ronaldo plays at Italy's club Yuventus. In such a situation, Inter Milan wants to start the Messi club revival once again by adding Messi. Messi's old Argentine partner Javier Jannetty is the Vice President of the board.
Newell's Old Boys: This Argentinian club is Messi's starting club. He had joined the club since the age of 6 and scored 500 goals.
Al-Saad: Qatar's club manager is former Barcelona captain Javi. Qatar also holds the World Cup. In this case, the club wants to create an atmosphere by adding Messi.

Messi is the richest footballer with 1180 crores
Messi is the richest footballer in the world. Messi raised 108 crores from Ronaldo last year. Earned more. Messi's earnings are 120 million pounds (about 1180 crore rupees). At the same time, Ronaldo's earnings are 1072 crores. Only Messi and Ronaldo have crossed the £ 100 million mark in earnings.

Messi wins Ballon d'Or Award for record sixth time
Messi was voted the world's best footballer on December 2 last year. He won the Ballon d'Or award for a record sixth time at a ceremony in Paris. In this case, too, he overtook Ronaldo (5 times). However, the last 11 Ballon d'Or awards have been won by only Messi and Ronaldo.