In Tokyo, Indian players are preparing themselves for the Olympics. He has been told neither to put too much burden on the body nor to come under extra pressure for the medal. Apart from this, players are taking six to eight hours of sleep to keep the mind fresh. Ice baths have sometimes been made a part of yoga and meditation routines for body relaxation. At the same time, one to one player was practiced in hockey. For the first match, the practice was done by making ground positions according to the opponents.

How to prepare out of the field in which game

Shooting: On Tuesday, in the shooting range, the players practiced in the 10, 25, 50-meter range. There are two ranges for the players here, but for practice, all the countries have got an opportunity to practice in the same range, due to which they are practicing slot-wise.

Table Tennis: In the practice session of table tennis, reflection was practiced with power, speed. The special thing about this practice session was the calm atmosphere here.

Boxing: In this sport, there was practice from single to double. Along with the rope jump, the partners also changed in the exciting practice till the boxing punch, so that the players from both sides got different preparation.

The players said: After the practice session, from the player to the coach, they are very excited. The players believe that by practicing here, they have been successful in adapting themselves to the environment here to a large extent. A big effort is being made to deal with the pressure of the day of the invite, for this, by doing extra exercises and increasing the confidence to be the best in yourself.