Former Indian U-19 cricket team captain Akshdeep Nath's car rammed into two other vehicles uncontrolled. A car overturned after the collision, injuring the occupants. At the same time, Akshdeep narrowly survived the accident. According to ACP Ghazipur Amit Kumar Rai, no one has given any Tahrir till now.

Cricketer Akshdeep's luxury car became uncontrolled and collided with the divider while hitting two cars on Lucknow's New Kukrail Bandha Road. Four other people in the car suffered only minor injuries due to the opening of airbags in Akshdeep's car. At the same time, people of both other cars also did not get hurt. Two people suffered minor injuries to their arms and legs. The youth riding on a car had given a complaint to register the case.

Inspector Ghazipur Brijesh Kumar Singh said that the Mustang GT car of cricketer Akshdeep, living near the Tehri Pulia, was hit by two vehicles on Bandha Road. Police reached there on its information. Maruti car and Hyundai car were also damaged due to the collision of this car. Anurag Mishra, a resident of Laxmanpuri, riding on a car, said that he was getting off the bridge when a car hit from behind. This broke the rim of his wheel. At the same time, the collision stopped hitting the divider. Five people trapped inside the vehicle went out somehow. He also got out of the car with the help of passers-by.