Virat Kohli, under his captaincy, won the second Test against England in Chennai by 317 runs and scored 1-1 in the series. After this great win over England, Virat Kohli said that it was more difficult to bat on this wicket than in the first match. Clay was the wicket in the first match while the wicket of this match was of red clay. I think we did not get wickets from the behavior of the ball but it was the mind of the batsmen that got us the wickets.

Virat Kohli said that, we have been playing cricket here for many years and we need speed and guidance to win here. At the same time, strong intentions were the most important to win. If you want to do something according to yourself, then it is most important to pressurize the bowlers for this. I wanted to put pressure on the bowlers, but when I faced the ball first, it felt that this wicket was very difficult.

Virat Kohli said that the toss was not very important in this match. If you see, in the second innings we scored 300 runs. It makes no sense to whom the toss went. Both teams are already in the match from the session whether the track is spin or fast and it was the same here. Virat said that the return of the audience benefited us a lot and it made a big difference.

Kohli said that the Chennai audience was very sensible and when the bowlers of the team needed support during the 15-20 minute break, they did it well. The situation here was the same for both teams, but we did more than bat. We kept our patience by watching the turn and bounce and because of this we were able to score around 600 runs. India won the match by 317 runs.